Richmond's biggest Little Barbecue Restaurant


Basket of Hush Puppies 6.00 
Basket of French Fries 5.00 

Basket of Onion Rings 7.00 
Bigs Smoked Chicken stew 4.00
BBQ Quesadilla 6.00 
Add Pork or Brisket 2.50
Chicken Tenders 7.00

 Ala Cart/ Combo with one side and drink 
Pulled Pork Sandwich 6.00/9.25 
Beef Brisket Sandwich 7.00/10.25 
Smoked Chicken Leg Quarter 5.00/8.25 
Smoked Sausage Sandwich 6.50/9.75 

Bigs Beast 
Pulled pork, brisket, and smoked sausage 
all piled high on a kaiser roll  9.00/12.25 
Smoked hot dogs (2) 5.00/8.25 
Bigs Burrito 
Pork, baked beans, potato salad and slaw 
wrapped in a southwest cheddar tortilla 8.00/11.25 
Ironbridge Burger 6.75/10.00 
Big Boy BBQ Burger 
A half pound burger buried in pulled pork and cheese 8.75/12.00 
Pulled Chicken BBQ Sandwich 5.50/8.75 
Southern Fried Catfish 6.25/9.50 
Chicken Tenders 5.50/8.75 
Grilled Chicken Sandwich 6.00/9.25 
Chopped Salad 6.00/9.25 
*Onion rings and sweet potato fries are $1 up charge to substitute on 
a combo or platter.

Platters served with two sides  
Pulled Pork 11.00 
Texas Beef Brisket 12.00 
Smoked Chicken Leg Quarter 8.25 
Smoked Sausage 12.00 
Pulled BBQ Chicken 10.00 
Southern Fried Catfish 11.00 
Two meat platter 13.00 
Three meat platter 15.00 
St. Louis Style Pork Ribs half 13.00 
St. Louis Style Pork Ribs full 22.00 

*Onion rings and sweet potato fries are $1 up charge to substitute on 
a combo or platter.

Little Bigs 
Kids Menu Served with one side and a drink 
*Little Bigs for guests 12 years old and under. 
Kids Pulled Pork Sliders 4.50 
Kids Brisket Sliders 4.50 
Chicken enders 4.50 
Kids Sausage Sliders 4.50 
Smoked Hot Dog (1) 4.50 

Each side is $2 
Potato Salad 
French Fries 
Cole Slaw 
*Onion Rings 
Brisket Baked Beans 
Collard Greens 
Green Beans 
Bigs Smoked Chicken Stew 
Hush Puppies 
Buttered Corn 

Fried Cabbage
*Sweet Potato Fries 
*Onion rings and sweet potato fries are $3 as a side

Big Finish 
Call or ask  about todays selections! 

The Bigs Beat Down

Our “Man vs. Food” style eating challenge. A heaping portion of all Four of our 
smoked meats and Southern Fried Catfish. accompanied by your choice of five different sides. served atop a gleaming shovel. If you dare take the challenge and finish eating all of the contents of the dread shovel within one hour...
you become immortalized forever with a Bigs BBQ T-Shirt and take your place of honor by having your name added to the “Biggest of the Bigs” 


Bulk BBQ 

(To Go Only)

Pulled Pork Per Pound              11.50 lb.         6.50 1/2 lb. 
Texas Beef Brisket Per Pound     14.00 lb.         7.50 1/2 lb. 
Smoked Chicken Leg Quarters                        5.00 each 

Smoked Sausage Per Pound                          12.00 lb.
Southern Fried Catfish                                  6.00 (2)
St. Louis Style Pork Ribs Full Order                19.00 
Bulk Sides                              5.00 Pint        9.50 Quart
Kaiser Rolls                                                1.00 each 


Fountain Drinks and Iced Tea 2.00
Canned Soda to Go  2.00

Bottled beer Available 

Bourbons and Spirits